Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Did I Just Cry Over a Dishwasher?

Dads can (and should) get sentimental over the early baby days.  This afternoon during my son's nap, I wept...by the dishwasher.  Here is why:

It was always my task to do the 2am feeding and lay-down.  For the first few months, I never thought the swaddles, rocking and humming would ever end...evidenced by the figure-eight path worn into the living room carpet.  I spent weeks experimenting with different methods, but one night I forgot about the bottles in the dishwasher...and knowing we needed them for the morning...turned it on.  Not giving a rip at that point...he was screaming anyway...and like a light switch, he was out!

I would use the sound of our dishwasher to comfort him back to sleep almost every night.  It was a terribly loud washer, almost unbearable during a meal or TV time.  So during the day I would "load and hold", until 3am...then turn on the beast.  The whooshing and whirring sound of the dishwasher would actually soothe my infant son every time.  

Now, years later, I actually miss those days. Alas, we have a new dishwasher...and a new baby that requires new tricks.  Advice for dads looking forward to infants...the most obnoxious item  in your house could be your saving grace...keep experimenting.  Advice for dads looking back...it is okay to reminisce and get teary-eyed ...just don't look back at pictures until you're ready.  (sob, sniff)