Products & Services

This page is dedicated to products and services that I own, used or retained.  Focused on the experience for kids, since I take my son with me everywhere. No deliberate advertising, or kick backs...just plain ol' opinions and experiences. 

If readers are in the Raleigh/Durham area, please check out the meetup group
Triangle Stay At Home Dads.  There is a calendar on there that tells you where we meet every Tuesday @ 10:30am and Thursday @ 3pm.   We even have special events for "dads only" and "family picnics".   If someone has an event of interest, just post it, we'll set it up and you'll meet new dads and kids...guaranteed.

 Have A Seat...Anywhere.

mat in action at Raleigh SAHD group
One of the best gifts we received was a play/picnic mat for outdoor use.  JJ Cole Essentials Blanket,  it is a waterproof mat that folds up super easy (I can do it one handed..and often need to).  It looks cool, good  manly colors. Unfurls with flip of the wrist and has a long shoulder strap. Washing machine clean, air dry.  Room for many kids, and I use the Velcro flap as a little sitting area for myself.   It keeps the rocks and wet grass off you and your kids.  I even use it around the house.  It provides some cushion between his head and the tile/hardwood floor.  It slides easy on carpet, making a fun ride. I have even used it on the patio outside...since the concrete is pretty rough and cold for a 9mo old.

Monitor Every Move, Sound and Tell Them About It.

We found a great monitor to use for our son's room. It is not cheap, but the features are well worth it.  It has crisp audio, clear color video (and b/w night vision) and is expandable to a total of 4 cameras.  The wireless handset is small, stylish and works over 200' away.  It also allows you to walkie-talkie back to the camera.  Fun to play with your kid when they least expect it.  Summer Infant Sleek and Secure Multiview Handheld Color Video Monitor.   We were across the road at a driveway party in our neighborhood and one friend/neighbor noticed it sitting in the camping chair.  They were blown away by the size and features.  They had a big TV type monitor and hated it.  It probably cost just as much, but the next day, they got our model.  Easy to set up and never looses synch...we keep it on for weeks at a time.  It has a long power cord, so you can route it around walls to an outlet and still have room to hang high on a wall (out of kiddo's reach).

Skidders Sock Shoes:

My little guy is on his third pair of Skidders.  He loves them so much he has started bringing them to me when he wants to go outside.  He has other shoes and boots, but the skidders win.  They are soft, flexible, stylish and grip well.  Sometimes they grip too well...such as going down a slide.  You can find them at Target or online. It seems they have a new version...but I prefer the old style...more rubber around the toes.  My only negative comment is: I wish they made some in adult size!