Friday, March 16, 2012

Pay Attention To Moms...and Follow Along

I always observe moms with kids for new ideas.  They have been doing this a lot longer and are a great resource for us.

If you see a bunch of moms heading into a place with kids...good chance there is a "story time" or kiddie event behind the door.  I just had such an experience myself this week over at Bruegger's Bagels in Apex.   Were were grocery shopping, then walking around the shops and fountain outside.  I just had the sense something was happening based on the number of moms/kids going in the side door.  Turns out there is a weekly story time and sing along at 10am on Thursdays.  The lady running the event was great!  She had stuffed animals to share during the songs, toys to play with and stickers for the kids. She was very animated and my little guy had a great time.  I was the only dad there (you'll have to get used to that), but it was fun...and no purchase necessary.

Even when I visit friends, I look around the house for evidence of activities with I can put the "dad spin" on it with my own kid.  One occasion I had the "night off" to hang with a buddy while his wife was on vacation with his kids.  I spend the first 15 min walking around his house checking out all the kid stuff.  It was full of arts and craft ideas, pictures from magazines taped to the wall, empty produce boxes on a bookshelf.  Easy stuff...and it was cheap, cool and effective.  Then we started drinking and playing Gears Of I got my man card back.