Friday, March 16, 2012

Girly Mags...No, Not That Kind

It is no secret that moms are reading worries, I read their stuff...and so should you.  If you can get over the feminine pronouns in the traditional parenting articles, start reading.  You won't grow breasts, talk in high pitch or start matching your clothes if you read a woman's mag once in a while.  Besides, there are plenty of beautiful ladies to look at...and you have the perfect excuse, "I'm looking for parenting advise."   There is a column in almost every woman's magazine that focuses on "taking care of children".  See if you can locate similar advise in men's magazines...I think not. 

There is an aritcle in the Sept 2011 Redbook magazine about four stay-at-home-dad groups across the US.  Titled "Happy to be SAHD", it provides a very positive spin on what we're doing.  FYI...these four groups are smaller than the Raleigh area SAHD.